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  In this time of global instability and uncertainty, preparedness and protection have become top priorities for everyone. To help reduce your risk of an adversarial attack, we takes a proactive approach to security by offering your organization customized solutions to enhance your ability to deter, detect, delay and respond to potential attacks. In the event that an attack has occurred, we provides clients with crisis management and mitigation tools to effectively reduce the consequences of the incident. 


ALPHA PRO SERVICES is a Tunisian private Company, with Headquarters its in Ariana – Grand Tunis.

ALPHA PRO SERVICES is a Customer - Oriented Company, providing professional services in several sectors,

Contact Address

B2-Bloc Commercial le “MURANO” Avenue Fattouma Bourguiba, 2036 la Soukra, Ariana.

Phone: +216 92 240 950 

Fax: +216 70 691 333